France-based Sierra Leonean rapper Mos-B has released a single titled ‘Vaccinate’. The track is available for streaming and download across major digital platforms.

Mos-B. Photo: Facebook

‘Vaccinate’ is a follow up to his 2020 record ‘War Against Corona’. It was written and produced by Mos-B with final productions by Panash of Shockwave Music in Zimbabwe and seeks to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I encourage Africans and the rest of the world to vaccinate,” Mos-B told Music In Africa. “The inspiration came from a British friend behind the Spratley Charity Foundation and a call from a Sierra Leonean radio broadcaster who called me to suggest that I do a song encouraging Sierra Leoneans and Africans to vaccinate. The song style I chose this time is funk and there is a little touch of African sounds.”

Mos-B noted that he was unhappy with the rollout of vaccines in Africa. “I feel like Africans are not taking the vaccination too serious,” he said.

“In 2020 I released the coronavirus song because I knew Africans were in denial or did not believe it's real. After the release, BBC interviewed me and I received a lot of feedback from Africans thanking me for the brilliant message.”

Throughout his career, Mos-B has released successful singles such as ‘Traveller’, ‘Voices of the Wind’, ‘Bell of Freedom’ and ‘Back to My Roots and Culture’. He is also known for his 2018 album New Chapter.

Listen to ‘Vaccinate’ below:




Tell me, don't you wanna feel safe
And not be another COVID case
Do you want to risk your health
The health of others as well?
Hey, think for your family's sake
Prove that you got what it takes
'Cause human lives are at stake
Keep this plague at bay,

These are cynical times we live in
But you'll regret it if you give in
Life's a gift that keeps on giving
And we all know that it's worth living
Fear is the state of mind you're in
And every person goes through it
But it only takes one to ruin
Everything that we have been doing

We survived countless pandemics
We adapted, fought off the panic
Medical advance was historic
Facing plagues, we found the cures for it
So many passed once they got sick
But we learned to beat all of it
So why have these doubts set in now?
Believe in fellow man, 'cause man knows how

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