Le confinement n’entame pas la créativité du chanteur Mos-B, auteur, compositeur et interprète né en Sierra Leone, installé en Normandie depuis 2009, et régulièrement en concert à Caen (Calvados) avec deux albums à son actif : 1 000 Miles (soul) et New Chapter (afrobeat).
Après War Against Corona sortie mi-mars 2020, Amos Bangura de son vrai nom, dévoile son nouveau projet qu’il veut participatif.

The Sierra Leonean pop star Mos B has released his new song titled ‘The Bell of Freedom’ with a classic video. The song was done by Mos B, who is also the composer, mix engineer by James Vital, The song is a pop & rock fusion with virtual contributions from their various homes.
‘The Bell of Freedom’ is a song which gives hope that the world will soon come out from lockdown or prison due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Mos B told this media that “most people across the world are devastated for being locked at home for a couple of months or weeks.”
“All is not lost”, he said, “the storm will be over soon.”

Mos-B has currently released a Coronavirus sensitisation song titled – ‘War Against Corona’ when the outbreak initially occurs, making him the first internationally known musician to do so. He was later interviewed on the BBC Focus On Africa program where he told the world that Coronavirus is a war and a threat to human lives.

‘The Bell of Freedom’ will be available on major online streaming platforms before the 11th May 2020