Mos-B among first global musicians to record a Corona sensitisation song

As the Coronavirus continues to hit the world, a France-based Sierra Leonean pop star, Joseph Amos Bangura aka Mos-B has just released a sensitisation and inspirational song about the deadly virus that has already hit over 70 countries across the world. The song is titled, 'War Against Corona'. This great musician feels it is imperative on him to use his voice to spread out words of caution and hope to the world during this challenging period.

In his first verse, Mos-B said,
"The world has been tested, one more time again"
"I know we will win this global war, we have faith in WHO, United Nations and UNICEF,
"We will win..."

He also noted that "we living in a global village, it doesn't matter where you're from..."

The song is produced by Mos-B, mixed by a professional engineer in Switzerland, and violins by a talented Moroccan. Mos B is currently working on the video of the song, which he says 'will be available soon.'

Mos B was on his musical tour in Sierra Leone, Guinea and France earlier this year. He was also a recipient of a couple of awards and recognitions from several institutions.

His latest song on the current global epidemic has placed him among highly rated superstars to educate people around the world about the virus.

Watch out for more songs from Mos-B.




The world has
been tested
One more time again
i know we will win
this global war
we have faith
in WHO
United nations

We will win
all over the world

We living
in a global village
it doesnt matter
where you're from
the color of your skin
Corona is real
it will kills
listen listen
to your doctors
to your gorvernment
wash your hands
don't shake hands
but i know i know
we will win
all over the world

Africa is ready
my Government is ready
Preseident bio
i wanna thank you
for infroming the people
telling the people what to do
I know we will win

This disease can not kill us no more
Ebola came and took away many souls
this time we stand together
cause together we can educate

I wanna hear you say
we will win
we will win
stand strong
we will win

No more dying
no more running
no more hiding
no more
listen to the government
listen to the doctors
tune in to
be informed

Music and lyrics and pre-production by MOS-B
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