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Cotton Tree🌳TALK WITH MOS-B 
Maiden edition Tomorrow, 10pm 
Production Team OfficialMamasalone 


This platform will showcase the numerous talents From Sierra🇸🇱Leone. 
We will discuss issues that borders around all works of life, from villages to the capital Freetown. 
Our panellist and online Guest have amazing personalities and are well informed about the Chosen Topic of discussion 
Join us on his Youtube and Facebook Live every Saturday. Watch this space for More updates🎤 
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#Confinement jour+37 : MOS-B "Nous gagnerons", chanson contre le coronavirus

Nous Gagnerons :  Le Titanic coulait mais les musiciens sur le bateau ont gardé la musique vivante et ils n'ont jamais cessé de la jouer. 

GAGNER "C'est la première fois qu'il se met au défi de traduire et de chanter sa chanson en français. Il a fait une simple vidéo à la maison se filmant lui-même et un ami un frère vivant à Rouen en France et un bassiste à Paris qui a également joué sur la prochaine chanson Pop / Rock que le chanteur sortira. Inspiré par le discours de son excellence le président Macron le 17 mars 2020; "NOUS SOMMES EN GUERRE", Mos-B a donc décidé de chanter à ce sujet.

Mos-B Releases Message-Heavy Single Amidst Coronavirus

‘War Against Corona’

About The Release
Mos-B returns to deliver his latest single ‘War Against Corona’. The message-heavy pop/acoustic single features a laidback production with strings, an acoustic guitar, and a grasping vocal performance by Mos-B. The single delivers a message regarding the #coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Mos-B uses his talent to bring the world some comfort and peace through this challenging time of humanity. Moreover, he stresses the fact that we are together in this fight and we shall overcome. The single has every element that will gage the listener’s attention, from the ear-catching guitars to the soothing vocals. Undoubtedly, ‘War Against Corona’ has the ability to impact the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that gives the overall song an identity paired with its powerful message. Mos-B is among the first artists to cover this issue and uses his platform to provide a song that will bring people together.

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