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Mos-B Releases Message-Heavy Single Amidst Coronavirus

‘War Against Corona’

About The Release
Mos-B returns to deliver his latest single ‘War Against Corona’. The message-heavy pop/acoustic single features a laidback production with strings, an acoustic guitar, and a grasping vocal performance by Mos-B. The single delivers a message regarding the #coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Mos-B uses his talent to bring the world some comfort and peace through this challenging time of humanity. Moreover, he stresses the fact that we are together in this fight and we shall overcome. The single has every element that will gage the listener’s attention, from the ear-catching guitars to the soothing vocals. Undoubtedly, ‘War Against Corona’ has the ability to impact the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that gives the overall song an identity paired with its powerful message. Mos-B is among the first artists to cover this issue and uses his platform to provide a song that will bring people together.

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The Sierra Leonian musician singing about coronavirus 3 mins


Sierra Leonian Joseph Amos Bangura, aka Mos-B, is a France-based musician who has released a single called ‘War Against corona’ amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. We asked him about the inspiration and motivations behind the track.

Mos B among first global musicians to record a Corona sensitisation song

Mos B among first global musicians to record a Corona sensitisation song

As the Coronavirus continues to hit the world, a France-based Sierra Leonean pop star, Joseph Amos Bangura aka Mos-B has just released a sensitisation and inspirational song about the deadly virus that has already hit over 70 countries across the world. The song is titled, 'War Against Corona'. This great musician feels it is imperative on him to use his voice to spread out words of caution and hope to the world during this challenging period.


5Star Artist


5Star Artist MOS-B 5Star Internatioal Music Artist

We are proud to be the first to Welcome our first international Artist Mos-B from Sierra Leone to France all the way to USA. Let's all give him a Big…