Mos-B, He was born in Sierra Leone to a musical mother and grew up with a deep thirst for making music. His first performance as a musician was in front of a 20,000 audience and since then, his popularity and appeal are on the rise.

He started making music and writing songs using drums, cups and such household utensils. He became obsessed with the guitar from the very first time he was exposed to one. To learn to play the guitar became 

everything to him. The only person with a guitar was in another  

village about 18 miles away. Normally that was a manageable  

distance but he was only 14 years old and there was a civil war.  

Reluctantly his parents allowed him to walk to  

the other village every weekend to learn to make music on a guitar. A very focused, highly motivated and determined person. He rapidly learn to make music on the guitar but then he also realized that he needed to learn more. He moved to Freetown where he finished his basic education and completed a course in a Performing Art College, as a musicians.

Influences Steven Wonder, Lionel Richie, Phil Colin's, Seal, R Kelly, John Legend Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys,  Michael Jackson, Akon, Etc

Performing my hit in front of a 50K

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